What kind of code sweeper is reliable? -Friday, August 30, 2019
One of the most important achievements in modern logistics is the invention and widespread use of bar codes. The purpose of the scanning gun is to make the bar code more efficient and faster. Therefore, in order to improve production efficiency and work quality, many logistics companies have started to equip their employees with code scanning guns. Then, what kind of code scanning guns are worthy of consumers' trust in detail?
3d laser scanning technology, also known as real scene replication technology, is another technological revolution after GPS technology in the field of surveying and mapping. It has the characteristics of rapidness, high benefit, non-contact, penetration, high precision, digitization, automation, and strong real-time performance, which solves the neck bottle of real-time and accurate development of spatial information technology. Therefore, many businesses need to use laser scanning platform, so what role does laser scanning platform have?
Imagine a world without bar codes. Supermarket checkout lines could be long as cashiers manually enter the code for each item at point-of-sale terminals. Corporate warehouses and retail employees without bar code labels to help them spend hours running around tracking incoming and outgoing products... But the laser scanning platform can quickly and easily realize data entry.